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Music for you to play and sing … from Nigel Don


Music for Schools

Nigel produced a large number of flexible instrumental arrangements for schools which were published by Masterclass Music. These are now distributed by The Spartan Press.

Composers include Mozart, Debussy, J. S. Bach, Fauré, Scott Joplin and Handel. The arrangements are in three, four and five parts and work with a very wide range of instrumental combinations. You can go directly to The Spartan Press.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (waxwork)

Three digitally generated examples of the Masterclass arrangements …

“Sicilienne” is by Faure , and it is Masterclass Piano Trios set 1. The two instrumental parts are for flute, clarinet, violin, viola or cello.

Sicilienne mp3

The arrangement of “The Silver Swan” – a motet by Orlando Gibbons – is from Masterclass Classics set 2. It is in five parts: A for flute, oboe clarinet or violin, B for violin, clarinet or alto saxophone, C for violin, clarinet or alto saxophone, D for viola, cello, bassoon, horn, clarinet or tenor saxophone, and E for cello, bassoon, bass clarinet or baritone saxophone. Classics Set 2 also includes “La fille aux cheveux de lin” by Debussy, the Allegro from piano sonata in F (K332) by Mozart, and the Gigue from Orchestral Suite no 3 by J.S. Bach.

The Silver Swan mp3

“La Paix” by Handel comes from his Fireworks Music and the arrangement is in Masterclass Wind Starters set 2, along with “To a Wild Rose” by MacDowell, “The Shepherds’ Farewell” by Berlioz, and the traditional Song of the Volga Boatmen. It is in four parts: A for flute, oboe or clarinet, B for clarinet or alto saxophone, C for clarinet, alto saxophone or horn, and D for bassoon, clarinet or tenor saxophone.

La Paix mp3